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The department of finance has a long development history, and can be traced back to the department of banking in Hujiang Business School which founded by the president of Hujiang University Dr. Zhanen Liu. In 1988, the predecessor of department of finance, the urban business school was set up by Taiwan, HongKong and Shanghai’s alumni. The financial major began to recruit students in the early 1990s. Subsequently, the business school merged with the department of management in the Shanghai Institute Of Mechanical Technology which improved the faculty of financial major. At the beginning of the new century, because of their love for the Alma mater, the world famous DBS bank board funded dozens of our financial professional students to attend a field trip in the DBS bank. Recently, more and more elite doctors from famous universities at home and abroad joined in our department, and the faculty became more and more strong. Until now, teachers in our department have won the “Shanghai philosophy and Social Sciences outstanding achievement award”, “Shanghai outstanding teaching achievement award” and some other academic awards. Many young teachers went overseas and studied in the world-famous universities, returned from their studies, undertook the National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Social Science Foundation of China”, the “MOE (Ministry of education in China) Project of Humanities and Social Sciences, Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science foundation, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission Innovation Foundation, The funding program for the first-class disciplines of Shanghai, Shanghai Gaofeng and Gaoyuan disciplines support, and other national and provincial projects, which promoted the development of our financial major. In recent years, we have increased tax major for undergraduates, which make our department’s discipline construction more abundant. At present, our department has 28 teachers constituted by 3professors, 10 associate professors and 15 lecturers, and there are 24 teachers with doctorates. 

Undergraduate major has financial major and tax major

The aim of financial major is to cultivate undergraduates to master the theories and methods of economics, to get financial professional knowledge and professional skills, to be familiar with the laws and regulations of the financial industry, to have the ability to work in the banking, securities, insurance and other financial institutions or other industries, to be proficient in computer application and professional foreign language application skills; and let undergraduates of financial major being the high-quality, innovative, versatile talents with international vision.

Relying on the international metropolis-Shanghai, the tax major focused on tax administration, industry and commerce, modern service industry (financial institutions, accounting firms, tax agent firm and financial management consulting firm), and so on. The tax major aims to cultivate undergraduates to master tax professional knowledge and professional skills, to be familiar with the Chinese and foreign tax system, to have the strong capacity of tax planning and tax management; cultivate undergraduates in tax major being the applied, innovative, versatile, international tax talents with comprehensive financial management capability. 

Postgraduate Education

Our department has four master’s degree programs which are Finance, Financial specialties, Public Finance and national economics. The graduate education emphasizes the training of higher theoretical accomplishment and stronger scientific research ability, and aims to cultivate the medium and high-end talents in the corresponding subject fields.

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