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MBA Program

Business School recognizes that MBA education canbring cutting-edge innovation to the top of business decisions and is thereforean engine for the growth and transformation of organizations in both the publicand private sector. The School blends its prestigious traditions with curriculathat develop the skills, capabilities, and techniques at the core of goodmanagement practice and with curricula that also develop personal values,attitudes, and beliefs that inform the individual student’s worldview and senseof social responsibility. With the help of the Shanghai metropolis, the Schoolhas worked to create an MBA learning model based on the concept, ‘Shanghai,facing the world,’ with education as the basis, serving the community’spurposes with the ideals of ‘clear objectives, practical teaching, and steadydevelopment.’

In order to educatemanagers with international vision, a solid theoretical foundation, andoutstanding skills in leadership, communication, and innovation, the School hasfocused major attention on three components in its MBA programs:

(1)  InternationalCommunication. The School organizesMBA students to participate in a number of overseas projects. A notable exampleis the Young Entrepreneurs Camp sponsored by Netherlands Breda University ofApplied Sciences, with participants from five European countries. Participantsacquire advanced knowledge about European business management by visitingbusinesses in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, and Germany. The summercamp consists of three parts: international business and market training,international supply chain courses, and high-tech production managementpractices.

(2)  MBAPractice Bases. To educate MBAstudents in practical problem-solving and the application of scientific theories,methods, and techniques, the School has built a number of MBA practice bases.The content of professional practice has a clear application background,including training in essential skills, which embodies professional knowledgeand unifies the concepts of professionalism. Two notable examples of practicesbases built by the School are the Professional Degree Graduate StudentsPractice Base of Shanghai and the USST MBA Xuelang Lake Practice Base.  Each year, MBA students attend the practicebases to cultivate skills in team cooperation, business knowledge and practice,including the ability to act creatively. and to think and communicate clearly.

(3)  ProfessionalCompetition. The Schoolactively organizes MBA students to participate in various professionalcompetitions every year in order to improve their ability to simulate businesssituations, develop a business plan, and communicate in English. In March 2017,an ‘IVY league team’ of MBA students won the 9th Peak Time ‘UnicornCup’ contest in business simulation and faculty members Li Chen and XinruiZhang won the award for Excellent Teachers.

Admission of MBA Program

1. Research Directions

(1) Financial Management;(2) Finance Control; (3) Informatization (4) E-commerce; (5) Logistics Management;(6) Supply Chain Management; (7) Strategic Management; (8) Human Resource Management;(9) Marketing Management; (10) Entrepreneurial and Business Models; (11) InnovationManagement; (12) Project Management; (13) Operational Management

2. Enrollment Information

(1) Admission time: September

(2) Application Qualifications

At least five years workingexperience with an associate bachelor degree

At least three years workingexperience with a bachelor degree

At least two years workingexperience with a master degree

(3) Registration time: October(online registration), or early November (on site).

(4) Educational system:two-year program (with maximum five years).

(5) Admission scores:above the minimum national passing score (Class A).

(6) Ways of learning: Weekendclass, non-directional students can apply for accommodation.

(7) Certificate: Masterdegree diploma of University of Shanghai University for Science and Technology;Master of Business Administration (MBA) of University of Shanghai University forScience and Technology


3. Recommended Courses

Course Type


Compulsory Courses

Management Economics  ,Accounting ,Financial Management ,Organizational Behavior ,Marketing  Management ,Data, Model and Decision Making ,Operational Management,  Strategic Management, Management Information System, Human Resource  Management, Business English

Practical Courses

Financial Management Practice,  Information Management Practice, Marketing Management Practice, Strategic  Management Practice, Service Management Practice, Entrepreneurial Management  Practice

Optional Courses


Economic Law, Management  Psychology, Management Communication, Business Ethics and Corporate Social  Responsibility, Management Frontier Topics, Tasting and Cultivation

Financial Marketing

Financial Engineering

Management of Commercial Banks

Corporate Tax Planning

Analysis of Corporate Financial  Statements

Corporate Governance

Financial Derivative Product  Simulation

Financial Securities Investment  Simulation Practice A, B


Logistics Management

Supply Chain Management

Quality Management

Project Management

Operating System Dynamics

Information Technology Frontier  Topics

Integrated Logistics Simulation  Experiment

Business Management Sand Table  Simulation

Career Management

Customer Relationship Management

Market Survey

Crisis Management

Leading Force and Leading Art

Advertising and Brand Research

Entrepreneurship and Innovation  Management

Cross - Cultural Management

International Marketing

Industrial Development and  Industrial Policy

Business Model Design

International Finance

Financial Marketing

Management of Commercial Banks

Financial Management

Financial Marketing

Financial Engineering

Financial Risk Management

Corporate Tax Planning

Analysis of Corporate Financial  Statements

Medical Equipment and Its  Safety and Effectiveness

Standard and Principles of  Medical Device Management

Management of Medical Equipment  after appearing on the market

Foreign Medical Device  Regulations

Chinese Medical Device  Regulations

Technology and Development of  Active Medical Device Products

Development Strategy of Medical  Device Industry

Overview of China 's Medical  Device Supervision

Medical Device Definition and  Life Cycle Management

Media Enterprise Strategy and  Management

A Brief History of Publishing  and Printing Development

Quality Inspection and  Evaluation of Printed Matter

Color Theory and Management

Digital Media Publishing

Creative Industry Development  Strategy

Digital Printing Technology and  Enterprise Development

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