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Master of Engineering Management Program Admission

1. Research Directions

(1) Manufacturing engineering management: mechanical manufacturing engineering management, computer integrated manufacturing engineering management.

(2) Project management: construction project management, environmental engineering project management, energy project management, engineering technology and economic management, engineering behavior and operational management.

(3) Information engineering management: electronic information engineering management, software engineering management, logistics and supply chain engineering management).

2. Enrollment Information

(1) Admission time: September

(2) Applicant Qualifications

1) At least five years working experience with an associate bachelor degree

2) At least three years working experience with a bachelor degree

3) At least two years working experience with a master degree

(3) Registration time: October (online registration), or early November (on site).

(4) Educational system: two-year program (with maximum five years).

(5) Admission scores: above the minimum national passing score.

(6) Ways of learning: Weekendclassand non-directional students can apply for accommodation.

(7) Certificate: Master degree diploma of University of Shanghai University for Science and Technology; Master of Engineering Management (MEM) of University of Shanghai University for Science and Technology

3. Recommended Courses

Course type

Course Title

Compulsory course

Introduction to Dialectics of Nature, English, Engineering Management, Engineering Management Mathematics, Introduction to Industrial Engineering, Engineering Economics, Institutional Engineering, Computer Application and Engineering Management Software, Management Game, Management Information System

Elective course

Academic management and project management, project management and management, engineering investment management, engineering risk management and insurance, organizational behavior and management communication, financial management and project cost control, scientific literature retrieval and scientific papers writing, quality management, engineering psychology , Marketing, Engineering human resource management

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