Outstanding Discipline

management rankings of more than 700universities in Chinese University Ranking System in 2014, USST’s managementthat the discipline belongs to ranked 5-6% before, which is A-level disciplines(The discipline is the “flagship” discipline in USST’s management class).

Table 1. Key Construction Content of the Outstanding Discipline

Research direction

Key construction content

Status quo

Collaborative manufacturing system  management

Supernet Research Center (China).

Co-founded with the State University of  New York, Professor Qiong Dong (Oriental Scholar), one of the founders of the  Supernet, served as director of the center.

Transportation Services System Management

China  Canada Joint Transportation Research Center.

Jointly established with the University  of Montreal in Canada, a number of important cooperation projects have been  completed.

Consolidate and develop the global  counterparts lead in the number of papers published and papers cited times.

According to the inertnation research by  related agencies of the city board of education: From 2008 to 2010, the  number of papers in the direction ranked No. 1 among the global counterparts,  cited 70 times (The proportion of the first place was 21%).

E-commerce service system management

E-commerce Development Institute.

Founded by USST, Professor Jianzheng  Yang, director of China Electronic Commerce Association Policy and Law  Committee, serves as the dean.

System Management Theory and Methods

Co-build Transnational Research Center of  system behavior management with University of Maryland

In preparation.

Further Development

(1)   Faculty team

Despite onedouble appointed senior academician Professor Yingluo Wang long-term guided thediscipline construction and employed two oriental scholars who have a greaterinfluence abroad (employment expires), the discipline has not been able tointroduce any other national talent. This has plagued the rapid development ofthe discipline.

To this end,the introduction of top-notch talents is one of the primary tasks of this roundof discipline construction. We will go on employing the two oriental scholarswit internationally important influence, three national talents to participatein the construction of the discipline. The implementation of this plan willfurther change the structure of the talent pool in this discipline, and throughthe help of them and the well-known scholars in the discipline, the overalllevel of the discipline's echelons will surely be further improved, and isexpected to catch up with or exceed the benchmark disciplines---the facultyteam level of Nanjing University the same name discipline.

(2)   Scientific research

The discipline members first studied, introduced, developed and used IDEF method inthe country, thereby promoted the method to become the overall design method ofour country’s 863 high technology CIMS development; In the 1990s, theChina-Canada Transport Cooperation Research Project undertaken by the membersof this discipline has been rated as “the most successful cooperation projectamong Chinese and Canadian governments”; Research on the Prediction of Microelectronics Development in China undertaken by the discipline, theachievements won the second prize of national science and technology progress;The enterprise cooperation model of the multi-functional and open-typeenterprise supply and demand network proposed by this discipline has had asignificant impact in China---The scholars of Xi’an Jiaotong University and Tianjin University and many other universities have also carried out research,Several degree thesis related to this were rated as excellent PhD, master’sdegree thesis (see the excellent PhD and master’s degree thesis database); Inrecent years, the level of the papers (quantity, quality, and quoted quantity)in the field of transport service system management and supernet research hasbeen in a leading position in the world (see Table 1 above); Chaired by thedrafting of E-commerce proposals of Chinese delegation “Tentative ideas on theintegration of one orbit and two orbits of ODR” was accepted by UNCTAD inOctober, 2014, Chaired by the drafting of “third-party e-commerce tradingplatform service standards” was published by the Ministry of Commerce in 2011.Currently, we are undertaking the research task of the overall legislativeframework of the NPC’s electronic commerce.

To this end, if the discipline can continue to consolidate and develop these existingfoundations and strive to expand new research highlights, the level ofscientific research in this discipline will be further enhanced. It is alsoexpected to make this discipline more influential than benchmarking disciplinesat home and abroad as well as helping to regain 1-2 state-level key projectsand major awards as provincial-level first-class prizes and above in the nextthree years.

(3)   Individual training

Since 2005,this discipline has won many Shanghai excellent PhD, master’s degree thesis,and has had a good influence both at home and abroad---It has attracted manydomestic and foreign students to pursue degrees in the discipline, includingthe now-graduated doctoral student from the United States---now serves asdirector of Accounting Research Center at the University of MiamiMichael L. Werner (Generally in the university there are few graduatestudents come from the United Stated and study Chinese non-verbal PhD).However, for several years graduate students of the discipline have not won thenational excellent PhD degree thesis. To a certain extent, this shows thatthere is still much room for improvement in the quality of talent training inthis discipline. Through the introduction of top-notch echelon members shown inTable 1, international cooperation training and the establishment of theresearch platform such as E-Commerce Research Institute, students can get thehigher level teachers’guidance, a broader international perspective and moretheory linked to practical training, which will certainly improve the qualityor level of graduate students training.

(4)   Science and technology (consulting) services

Based on thecharacteristics of the discipline, the discipline has achieved remarkableresults in providing science and technology development and consulting servicesto the relevant ministries and commissions under the State Council, theShanghai government and relevant enterprises, for example, e-commerce servicesystem management direction drafted “E-commerce legislation system planning”for Ministry of Commerce, participated in the Central Network InformationOffice “e-commerce ten years development forecast” drafted Ministry of Industryand Information, Ministry of Commerce “E-commerce Twelfth Five-Year Plan”,presided over the drafting of “China e-commerce report” for six times, presidedover the drafting of “Shanghai e-commerce report” for three times, etc.;Transportation services system management direction has developed intelligenttraffic flow scheduling and information guidance technology, which has playedan extremely important role in the improvement of urban traffic.

It isforeseeable that with the above existing foundation and with the implementationof various connotation construction tasks as shown in Table 1, the science andtechnology (consulting) service capability and level of this discipline will befurther enhanced (appear more patents and their applications, higher levels ofdecision-making and consulting results, more significant production andresearch projects, etc.).

(5)   International cooperation

The discipline has always insisted on international cooperation, for example, theChina-Canada Joint Transportation Research Center of this discipline hassuccessfully carried out project cooperation in the transportation field thathas a significant impact between countries (cooperative projects funded byCITA, etc.). In recent years, it has also established the SuperNetwork ResearchCenter (China) with the State University of New York. This cooperation hasachieved remarkable results, for example, jointly organized “2012 SuperNetworkand Systems Management International Conference” and other internationalconference with several domestic and foreign universities and published ESI andother high-level papers. It is foreseeable that with the implementation of theinternational cooperation tasks (contents) shown in Table 1, there will be moreinternational cooperation carried out and the publication of papers such as ESIwhich demonstrate the level of cooperation in recent years.

(6)   Discipline comprehensive strength

The further excavation of the potential of existing personnel and the enhancement of internationalcooperation, the team structure of this discipline will be further improved,and the level of scientific research, the platform and disciplinary influencewill be greatly enhanced, in particular, it can promote the successfulrealization of several key construction projects (see Table 1 for details).Under such conditions, the overall rank of the discipline in the country willrank in the top 20% of the series and the major index of the discipline will becloser to or catch up with the benchmark disciplines.

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