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Doctoral Degree Program

The School’s doctoral degree program shared master projecteducation measures and won 200,000 CNY in funding from the USST High AltitudePlateau Subject Construction Project. The funding supports doctoral research,annual trips abroad, and recognition of the outstanding dissertation each year.To further improve the level of doctoral education, the School participatesregularly in activities of international cooperation and has established theInternational Scientific Research Cooperation Center. In cooperation with theState University of New York (SUNY), the Center has established the SuperNetwork (China) Research Center. The joint endeavor has yielded remarkableresults.

Admissionsof Doctoral Program

1. Enrollment plan

Intends to recruit about 90 full-time doctoralstudents (including non-directional employment, targeted employment), throughgeneral recruitment, master-doctor continuous study, and apply - assessmentsystem, the actual enrollment is subject to the enrollment plan issued bystate.

2. Educational system: three year program

3. General recruitment

(1) Admission Requirements

a. A master's degree.

b. Receive a Bachelor's degree no less than 6 yearsago (including 6 years) and reach the same degree as the master's degree. Suchcandidates must also meet the following requirements:

c. Published more than two papers on Class A or Bjournals as the first author (A, B class classification according to theimplementation of the relevant documents in USST);

d. CET-6 above 425 or published at least oneacademic paper on English journals in recent three years;

e. All the degree courses specified in the programfor the postgraduate program have been completed.

f. Physical and mental health conditions meet therequirements.

g. Recommendations from at least two professors inthe same academic area or experts with equivalent professional titles.

(2) Registration for entrance examinationprocedures

a. Online registration

b. Pay the registration fee

c. Send (or send) registration materials

d. An admission ticket will be issued for thequalified applicants after preliminary examination.  

(3) Examination subjects and methods

The exam is divided into two stages.

The subjects of preliminary test are: politicaltheory (graduating student and the one with a master’s degree can apply forexemption), foreign language and two business courses (more details attached inthe examination subjects list).

Re-examination organized by each school.

(4) Examination date and place

a. Preliminary test date and place: March 19-20,2017, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.

b. Re-examination time and place: determined byeach school.

4. Master-doctor continuous study

(1) Admission requirements

a. Complete all courses in master’s program, andachieve excellent scores.

b. CET-6 above 425.

c. Recommendations from at least two professors inthe same academic area or experts with equivalent professional titles.

d. With good physical and mental health, and lessthan 35 years old.

(2) Application time

Students who apply for master-doctor continuousstudy should submit the application in the third semester (generally inNovember) of the master program.

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