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As one of the three key municipal universities in Shanghai, USST has a strong relationship with Shanghai Community and Business School has a long history of serving companies in Yangtze River Delta through providing consulting and training services. 

        Business School has a long and rich history in executive education, which involves many of its outstanding faculty members as teachers. As a non-degree higher education program, the School’s Executive Education Program is a part-time study mode designed for managers who want to enrich their knowledge or gain job promotions. The central focus is on the cultivation of multidisciplinary talent, multidisciplinary integration, and intellectual exploration and innovation that produces high-quality personnel with the kind of global vision and practical skills to transform Chinese enterprises.

        The School provides professional training and advisory services for company managers, with a focus on enhancing company strategy, human resource competitiveness, and marketing management capability. The School also offers programs to help companies cultivate high-level management talent. The programs require trainees to master professional theories and practices within a specified time. Regardless of teaching mode or curriculum setting, the School’s executive education courses follow provisions formulated by the Ministry of Education. These courses are based on the most modern teaching methods at home and abroad, and they encompass the latest technology and global business and marketing trends. They aim not only to increase professional knowledge and proficiency, but also to develop managers with excellent interpersonal and communication skills and also a broad vision, world view, and a keen sense of ethics, social responsibility, and innovation. The School’s executive education programs include financial management (accounting, auditing, financial regulation, tax law), operations management (e-commence, information management, logistics management, supply chain management), and strategic management (organizational behavior, human resources management, marketing, and planning).

        The School also conducts seminars, workshops, and advisory programs for many large state-owned enterprises, joint ventures, private enterprises such as Bohai Oilfield Company, and higher education institutions. These programs generally focus on innovation management, human resources management, marketing productivity, employee issues, strategic planning, and cultural integration. The programs not only produce economic and social benefits for the companies, but enhance the School’s reputation and outreach.

        In 2016 and 2017, faculty members conducted executive education programs for senior, junior, and core employees of the affiliated enterprises of Baosteel Group, the Ouyeel Cloud Business Company (including Ouyeel Finance, Ouyeel Purchasing, and Ouyeel Data), and Bsteel Online Co. Ltd. These courses comprehensively combined actual business situations and the operations environment of Baosteel Group with classroom theory in a teaching mode that focused on the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for success in today’s competitive business and economics environment. The courses also focused on a quality development training system to meet the demand for high-quality workers in enterprise development. 

        The training sessions for junior managers enabled them to master knowledge and skills pertaining to their own company’s business mode and informatization blueprint. They provided new ideas and innovative approaches in process management and business process re-engineering, the application and use of data visualization, complex networks and social networks, strategic management against the background of the Internet, and e-commerce legislation problems in China. 

        Since 2012, Business School has held several training courses for senior managers. These higher-level courses focused on the application of advanced theories to actual scenarios in the company’s operation. Faculty led the managers to understand theoretical knowledge related to their work and how this knowledge was essential to efficiency and growth of the company. Faculty were sensitive to the learning moods, attention span, and concentration level of participants and continually made subtle adjustments in tone, energy, and communication techniques so as to fully engage their interest and participation. As a result, many senior managers emerged from the executive education courses with the kind of advanced theoretical knowledge that will ensure their company’s success and future development.

Master of Business Administration(MBA)

USST is one of the education units approved by the China Academic Degrees Committee that offers MBA (Master of Business Administration) program. In 2004, USST Business School began to recruit full-time graduate students of MBA (Double cert.). Through multiple educational models, such as interactive case study, scenario simulation teaching, practice and internship, enterprise lecture series, English salon, courses in English, and international exchanges, USST Business School MBA program aims to nurture students to be professionals who have both global perspective and local view, master solid theoretical basis and outstanding application skills.

Master Of Engineering Management(MEM)

USST is one of the education units approved by the China Ministry of Education that offers MEM (Master of Engineering Management) program. In 2013, USST Business School began to recruit full-time graduate students of MEM. USST Business School MEM education focus on fostering student’ s understanding and grasping engineering management knowledge, including system engineering, quality management, production management, etc. The program puts emphasis on quantitative analysis methods in project management, engineering management, logistics engineering and so on, which aims to effectively improve the level of engineering management through learning the theories and methods in this field.

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