Good news!


    Figure 1 School leaders, relevant functional departments and heads of management schools and PRT expert group

    Figure 2 Representatives of the School of Management and the PRT Expert Group

 On May 2, 2018, good news came from the School of Management, Shanghai University of Technology. The Institute of Management received a notification from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, & nbsp (AACSB) and was formally certified by AACSB's Initial Accreditation Committee (IAC) and Board of Directors (Board of Directors) for five years. This marks that Shanghai Polytechnic University has become the 20th mainland university, the 6th Shanghai University (the first five are China-Europe International Business College, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics) and the 1st non-Ministry of Education university that has passed AACSB international certification.

AACSB was founded in the United States in 1916. It is jointly sponsored by 17 famous business schools, including Columbia University, Cornell University, Harvard University, New York University, Northwest University, University of California, University of Chicago, and headquartered in Tampa, Florida. After 100 years of development, AACSB standards and evaluation standards have become the authoritative standards of global management education. Given its authority, business schools around the world use its accreditation as an important criterion to measure their level of education, and less than five percent of business schools around the world have won this honor.

The School of Management applied for membership in AACSB in 2011, and submitted the self-evaluation report of AACSB's initial certification in 2017. From March 25 to 28, 2018, AACSB  Peer Review Team (PRT) came to the School of Management to conduct a rigorous on-site evaluation and assessment on the aspects of strategy and financial management, scientific research, teacher management and support, AoL curriculum management, student management and support, internationalization, etc. through interviews with teachers'representatives, students' representatives and administrators'representatives.

After three days of on-the-spot evaluation and multi-party exchanges, the PRT expert review panel gave positive affirmation to the efforts and innovative initiatives of the School of Management during the construction of international certification in the past few years, and fully affirmed the school's support for the School of Management in terms of strategy, policy, funds and resources. At the same time, the Group of Experts pointed out that the true inner spirit of AACSB international certification is a long-term support plan, aiming at promoting the continuous internal upgrading and continuous improvement of the College. Taking this opportunity, the Group of Experts proposed that the School of Management of Shanghai University of Technology should constantly challenge strategic and policy innovation in the subsequent development, and make sustained efforts in the degree of internationalization and the introduction of high-quality talents.

AACSB international certification emphasizes self-evaluation, self-improvement and sustainable development. This certification is highly recognized by the management school in recent years in strategic management, teaching and scientific research, which promotes the development process of the college, expands the international influence of the college and the school, and contributes to the construction of high-level universities. The School of Management will continue to uphold the AACSB concept of international certification and make unremitting efforts to build a business school of excellence.