Pan Xulun
(1893-1985) Yixing, Jiangsu Province
Mr. Pan Xulun was an outstanding accountant and educator. He achieved master’s degree in Business Administration from Harvard University in 1923, and got Ph.D. in Economics from Columbia University in 1924. Then he founded Shanghai Pan Xulun Certified Public Accountant in 1927. In 1931, he founded University of Shanghai Business School (also known as Inner City Business School) and taught in the school. In 1937, he formally created Lixin Accounting Institute approved by the then Ministry of Education. He had served as division chief of the National Government Ministry of Economic Affairs, founder of Lixin Accounting Institute. He was known as the father of Chinese accountant.

(1945-) Qingpu District, Shanghai
Mr. Chen is a researcher who graduated from Tsinghua University in 1970 and studied System Engineering Postgraduate Program in USST Business School during 1978-1980. He had served as party secretary of Xicheng District in Beijing, Beijing Municipal Committee, Minister of Trade and Commerce, Vice-presidency and Party deputy secretary of People’s Bank of China, executive director of the American Institute for International Economics, etc. Currently he is the president and party secretary of the State Development Bank.

MENG Jianzhu
(1947-) Wuxian, Jiangsu Province
Mr. Meng studied in USST Business School from 1981 to 1991 and achieved Master’s degree in Engineering. He had served as vice-Mayor of Shanghai. vice-Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Committee, Minister of Public Security and its party secretary. He is now acting as the member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, and the secretary of the Central Political and Law Commission.

LV Gui
(1952-)Dingxi, Gansu Province
Mr. Lv studied in our school for a second degree from Sep.1994 to Jul.1995. He had served as executive vice president of Shanghai Municipal Party School, Executive deputy dean of Shanghai Administration Institute, and municipal alternates. Currently he is the member of Final Group of Shanghai Social Science Project Final Assessment Group of outstanding achievements of social sciences, Expert Group of Shanghai Eleventh Five-Year Plan. Also he is the chairman of Marxism Research Association, executive director of the National Leadership Science, vice president of Shanghai Party Building Research Association and Shanghai United Front Theory Research.

ZHOU Guoxiong
(1957-) Shao Xing, Zhejiang Province
Mr. Zhou studied in Management Science and Engineering Department in USST Business School from Sep.2004 to Mar.2008. He had served as deputy director and secretary of Municipal Public Security Bureau Huangpu Branch, deputy party secretary of Municipal Public Security Bureau, deputy director of Municipal Public Security Bureau, and secretary of Putuo District etc. Currently he is the party secretary of Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Working.

FENG Yidai
(1913 -2005)Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
Mr. FENG Yidai. Writer and translator. Graduated from the Business Administration Department at University of Shanghai in 1936.
Mr. FENG was employed at Hong Kong Star Newspaper and was the member of the International News Service and the Association for Anti-Japanese War in Hong Kong. After the victory of Anti-Japanese War, he returned to Shanghai and served as the manager and the editor-in-chief of Word Morning Newspaper. After the liberation of Shanghai, he served as the president of Newspaper and later he went to Beijing and served as the head of International Press Bureau, director of Foreign Languages Press, and the director of editor department of Chinese Literature. In 1979 , he founded the magazine of Reading . As a translator, he is the first person who translated the work of Ernest Hemingway into Chinese, and one of earlier translators for the work of Maugham and Singer. He has nearly 20 representative translation works such as Hemingway’ s The Fifth Column. And also published many famous publications in Chinese.
Mr. FENG Yidai was named as the Outstanding Alumni of USST in 2006.

RONG Hongqing
(1923 - )Wuxi, Jiangsu Province
Mr. RONG Hongqing. Banker and industrialist. Graduated from the Business Administration Department at University of Shanghai in 1946.
Mr. RONG is the member of directors of Taiwan Shanghai Commercial Bank since 1946; he was the vice- director since 1983 and the director since 1991. Mr. RONG was named as 9ustice of the Peace” in Hong Kong in 1971. Currently, he serves as the president of the China Travel Service in Taiwan and Shanghai ShenNa Textile co., Ltd, and also serves as the general manager of Nanyang Holdings co., Ltd and Hong Kong Nanyang Mills co., Ltd. 
Mr. RONG Hongqing was named as the Outstanding Alumni of USST in 2006.

(1953-) Yancheng, Jiangsu Province
Mr. WANG ii. Entrepreneur and Senior Engineer. Studied in the Senior Manager Training Program at Chinese Machinery Industry Shanghai-Sloan Business School in 1999.
Currently, Mr. WANG serves as the president of China Dong Fang Electric Corporation, an enterprise solely funded by the State, the biggest power generation equipment manufacturing and one of the biggest power engineering contractors in China; the corporation is one of the key and major enterprises refers as National Security and National Economic Lifeline. Mr. WANG ii engaged in the work of mechanical processing technology and enterprise management, and awarded the second prize of Technology Progress by the Ministry of Machinery Industry in 1993, the third prize of Technology Progress by Guizhou province in 1992, the second prize of Technology Progress by Sichuan province in 1994; in 1996, Mr. WANG ii was named as Excellent Expert for his outstanding contributions to Sichuan province.
Mr. WANG ii was named as the Outstanding Alumni of USST in 2011.

(1928-) Suzhou, Jiangsu Province
Mrs. LINBEI Lvjia. Social Activist. Graduated from the Sociology and Social Work Department at University of Shanghai in 1949.
Mrs. LINBEI Lvjia held public offices for different sectors in Hong Kong and was awarded as Non-official Justice of the Peace in 1981, Member of the British Empire in 1985, Officer of the British Empire in 1993, Silver Bauhinia Star in 1998, and Gold Bauhinia Star in 2003.
Mrs. LINBEI Lvjia was named as the Outstanding Alumni of USST in 2006.