Department of Accounting

The accounting discipline of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology(USST) has a profound tradition and a long history. The school-running history can be traced back to the predecessor of USST, which was the accounting department of the University of Shanghai founded in 1906. The famous accounting professors, such as Pan Xulun, Zheng Shicha and Gong Qinghao, had taught in the accounting department of University of shanghai. Accounting major of USST (including auditing) resumed recruiting the first undergraduate students in 1989. Besides, the original management school and business school were incorporated into a new management school in 2006. The teaching team of accounting department has been expanded and enriched. More than 6000 undergraduates and postgraduates have been trained in the past 28 years. The employment rate of previous graduates has remained at around 98%, and accounting has been the top priority of our school's employment rate.

With the joint efforts of several generations of accountants, the accounting discipline of USST has been greatly developed and had a higher level of teaching, academic thinking active teaching team. There are 18 full-time teachers, 2 professors, 5 associate professors, 1 doctoral tutor, 7 master tutor. Among them, 10 teachers with doctorates, 3 PhD candidates, and the academic leader is Song Liangrong. In the faculty, 4 teachers are listed as independent directors of listed companies and joint-stock companies, 2 are anonymous reviewers of key journals of National Natural Science Foundation and the Thinking Scholars of USST, and 4 teachers are financial advisors and directors of various business enterprises.

The field of accounting research involves accounting, auditing, and financial management. After a long and unremitting efforts, the accounting discipline of USST have formed a stable research direction. Many research on accounting information, audit quality, financial operation, financial management, internal control, risk management, behavioral finance and innovation have obtained the domestic important influential academic achievements.

Since 2014, the department of accounting has presided over a national social science fund general project, a national natural science fund youth project, two Shanghai soft science fund key projects, three provincial and ministerial level vertical research projects. Accounting department has undertaken more than 20 horizontal scientific research projects from the financial department, the environmental protection department, National Electric Net Ltd, GOLDEN FINANCE, COMAC and other organizations. And Provided financial advice and enterprise training to various commercial banks such as Shanghai construction group, China Pacific Insurance, PetroChina, PFIZER INC, Standard Chartered Bank and other commercial banks. The whole accounting department has published nearly more than 80 monographs, materials and academic papers in the Omega-International Journal of Management Science, Management Review, Journal of Finance and Economics, World Economy Study, Studies in Science of Science, Industrial Economics Research, Operations Research and Management Science, Quantitative & technical economics and other important learned periodicals at home and abroad, and even the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Press, Tsinghua University Press, Lixin Accounting Press, Hohai University Press and other national outstanding publishing house. There are a total of nearly 20 people received Shanghai University Youth Teacher Teaching Competition Award, Shanghai Education System Excellent Union Activists, Gold Award of USST, Tripod Cup, A Good Teacher in The Mind of Students, Undergraduate Course Teaching Excellence Award, MPA/MBA Outstanding Teacher Award and March-Eighth Red-Banner Pacesetter and other honors.

For a long time, a good academic reputation and the precipitation of discipline construction for many years led the construction and development of accounting major. The accounting department has cultivated a large number of the senior specialized talent for the country, who with accounting, finance, audit and other professional knowledge and innovation ability. A great line-up of undergraduate and graduate students have become the backbone of the state administration departments, large enterprises, commercial banks and accounting firms. The history shows that graduates of accounting department have good employment prospects and career development.

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