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System science is the only science subject with the right to confer doctoral degree in University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. It was founded in 1979 and is one of the earliest similar disciplines established in China. In 1993, it was awarded the master's degree. In 1995, it became a key subject of the former Ministry of machine building industry, and was awarded the doctorate degree in 2006.In 2005, our university and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of systems science jointly set up the Shanghai Institute of systems science”, which won the enthusiastic support of our system of science, and the institute's leading bodies are almost represented by representatives of the country's systems science community. In December 2009, after the approval of the National Postdoctoral Committee, the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology established a post doctoral research station for systematic science, and the first post doctoral researchers came into the station in January 2010.In April 2011, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology became the affiliated institution of Shanghai system engineering society because of its academic influence in the field of system science. In February 2009, Professor Gao Yan was appointed as a member of the discipline evaluation unit (System Science) of the academic degree committee of the state council.

Based on the department of System Science of Shanghai university of science and technology and the Shanghai Institute of Systematic Science, this discipline has been devoted to the theoretical and applied research of System Science. The discipline is interdisciplinary and the research team has an interdisciplinary advantage. At the same time, the discipline has great radiation and supporting role in the management science and engineering, the control science and engineering discipline and the applied mathematics, operations research and control theory of the school.

In 2015, Shanghai university of science and technology ranked third in the national first-class academic evaluation, with obvious academic advantages in Shanghai and the whole country. Other top-ranked units include Beijing Jiaotong university and Beijing Normal university. Our school System Science has the following advantages:

First of all, the research team is the largest in the country: more than 30 researchers in our school System Science and 10 full-time doctoral tutors . 

Secondly, the number of outstanding talents in the country is no.1: Xu Xiaoming and Chen Bin are all national candidates for the new century. Zhang Yicheng is a scholar of the Yangtze river and a winner of the national outstanding youth fund; Qu Shaojian, Yang Hujie and Wei Guoliang were selected as Oriental scholars in Shanghai, and Gu Changgui was selected as a Youth Oriental scholar in Shanghai, Wang Chaoli was selected as a Shanghai dawning scholar. 

In the end, it was the first major subject of provincial and ministerial level: the department of science and technology of our university became the key subject of the ministry of mechanical industry in 1995, which was the only provincial and ministerial key subject in China. 

In fact, China's System Science community has regarded the Shanghai institute of Systems Science as the southern base of System Science.

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