Department of Industrial Engineering

The department of Industrial Engineering (IE) was established in 1993, and was the earliest university in Shanghai. Now IE is one of the nine departments in the Business School, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. IELM shares and constructs an academic discipline (Management Science and Engineering) with other departments, Business School. And it is Shanghai first-class discipline, Shanghai key discipline and Shanghai plateau discipline. Over the last several decades, IE has secured its leading position in discipline construction, cultivation of innovative talents, faculty training, academic research, infrastructure construction and internationalization in Shanghai.

So far the department has an undergraduate program, i.e., Industrial Engineering. Meanwhile, IE has a Master of Science Program, i.e., Management Science & Engineering (Industrial Engineering), a Doctoral Program, i.e., Management Science & Engineering, and three Master of Engineering Programs, i.e., Industrial Engineering, Logistic Engineering and Project Management. The department is authorized to recruit post-doctoral researchers. 

The defining characteristic of the department’s excellence lies with its faculties, including 3 professors, 3 supervisors of doctoral candidates (Full-time), and 6 associate professors. 90% of the faculties have a Ph.D. degree. One of the faculties is honored as “BaoGang Excellent Teacher”. Currently, there are more than 15 Ph.D. students, more than 50 master students, about 200 engineering master students, and more than 200 undergraduates.

The department encourages its faculties and students to participate in international and national technology competitions and publish high level papers in order to improve their abilities of scientific research and innovation. For teaching, in 2012, an undergraduate course (Production and Operation Management) was evaluated as Shanghai Excellent Course. In 2015, another overseas student course (Operational management) was evaluated as Shanghai overseas students English teaching demonstration course. In 2005, “Cross compound professional-Industrial Engineering Specialty” won three prize of teaching achievement in Shanghai. In 2009, “Management personnel training mode based on the three-dimensional system of knowledge” won three prize of teaching achievement in Shanghai etc.

For research, the department has accomplished numerous projects, including National Natural Science Foundation project, The Humanities and Social Science Project of the Ministry of Education, the Soft Science Research Project of Science and Technology Commission in Shanghai, the Doctoral Funds of Universities, the Key Project of Scientific Research Innovation of Education Commission in Shanghai, the Major Science and Technology Special Topics of Ministry of Construction and various cooperation projects with enterprise. With a strong academic atmosphere, over 80 papers were published every year, about 30 papers on international journals. This major has been included in the national demonstration base for innovative talents training.

There are four academic research directions in the department. They are: 

(1)production scheduling

(2)quality and reliability

(3)logistics and supply chain management

(4)equipment maintenance

The research area includes: modeling and control for the semiconductor manufacturing system; intelligent planning & controlling for manufacturing systems; the optimization for the supply chain; modeling and optimization of the operations; product engineering; intelligent maintenance; statistical quality control; health, etc.

The department has set up an advanced experimental platform for both teaching and research, including basic IE laboratory, logistics engineering laboratory, and Human factors engineering laboratory, etc. Major application softwares are available, such as ERP, Promodel simulation software, Flexsim logistics simulation software, workpiece research software, production scheduling software, etc.

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