Department of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration (DBA) is found as one of the earliest departments of the School of Management. It has established the bachelor degree program in International Enterprise Management since 1994 and the master degree program in Enterprise Management since 2000. Also,it initiated the master degree program in Labor Economics with Human Resource Management in 2006, the mater degree program in Technology Economy and Management in 2007. In 2010, it received the right to grant master degree in Business Administration.

Currently, DBA has the programs of Bachelor in Business Administration (with Sino-U.S collaboration), Bachelor in Business Administration (with entrepreneurial management), Bachelor in Business Administration (with marketing), Business Administration Diploma as a secondary major, and Bachelor in Business Administration as a secondary major. Furthermore, DBA has the discipline license at the first level to award all the master degrees in Business Administration and the licenses of awarding master’s degree in Enterprise Management, Labor Economics, Technology Economy and Management and Accountant for the second-level discipline. In addition, the BAD undertakes teaching and research work in the professional master degrees of MBA, MPA and doctoral degree programs.

DBA has a better atmosphere and foundation in research and innovative work. It has a teaching team with higher education level, rational structure in age and graduate institutes, diverse knowledge structure, distinctive research direction. Among all the teaching staff, 20 are full-time teaching staff, 16 with a doctorate, 11 with an associated professor title, 3 with a professor title, and 3 with doctoral supervisor title. 

The team plays an important role in the areas of behavioral management system, top management team and innovation and entrepreneur management, and has undertaken a lot of relative projects at the national and provincial level. Meanwhile, some significant contributions have been made to the community and local economic development with the initial model of cultivating the talents with higher professional comprehensive quality.

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